Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Backup on "Syriana"

Richard Cohen speaks the truth about "Syriana" in today's Post. He pretty much makes all the points I did, and much more eloquently at that. I hope people don't get the impression from that last post that my motivation for this blog is to hate on the left. Cohen is a self described "liberal", and I have every hope that there are many other thoughtful liberals like him who aren't afraid to decry the irrational paranoia of some on the left, which, after all, can only harm their movement in the long run. There are, after all, many things to legitimately criticize about U.S. foreign policy, and the left can play an important role in disrupting the clanish groupthink of the right, which has gotten us into quite a bit of trouble.

There is certainly no dirth of similar paranoia on the right. One need only look at the hysterical rantings of O'Reily and co. about the supposed "war on Christmas". I have plenty of scorn to heap upon the deeply irrational and illiberal Christianism that has infected conservatism in this country, and which, it can be argued, poses a much greater threat to the openness of our society today.

I'll be linking to any other liberal commentator who speaks out against the simplistic paranoia of "Syriana".

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